Londons Spitalfield’s has given rise to a beautiful new space to enjoy and develop hair styling for a generation of East Enders.

LukeJacob, Cutting-edge, wearable hair for everyday you. A uni-sex hair salon dedicated to providing customer delight to Shoreditch and East London, with excellent service, quality products and great hair. Cut by highly trained and experienced staff who listen to your needs. Coloured using the latest techniques and technology. Furnished in an enjoyable, quirky,  laid back atmosphere with eclectic sounds. Serving the City, Shoreditch and East London 7 days a week.

We source as much as we can from local traders and businesses. We love Spitalfields and we love hair! From Paul Gardeners Market Sundries to the East London Brewery Ale; We believe in the East End, and most of all, Spitalfields. We’re members of the East End Trades Guild and The Spitalfields Society – Promoting and preserving the much cherished businesses of the East End.

Into the brand comes Jakob Cohen, Great old Jakob was an immigrant to East London in 1912. His ghost walks the floor with a smile 100 years on. With Jakob comes the true East End connection. Jakobs Great Grandson Luke has over 15 years experience in top salons across London. To the area he brings an individual tailored service, in depth consultations and a team that reflects quality and care throughout the clients journey. Working with L’Oreal Professional products (including INOA Ammonia-free hair colour) Label-M hair care and styling products, Nanokeratin (keratin treatment for frizz-free manageable hair), Yuko Japanese Hair Straightening System and Cloud 9 styling tools.
We maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, ideas, and hard work. The salon itself has been a labour of interior love. With every detail researched and sourced. From the bespoke Italian Sofa Backwash (dropped in its own low slung area), sat amongst textures of old red brick and wood stack. To the handcrafted Italian styling chairs that cushion your posterior; whilst we quaff you quiff and caress your curls. The Dutch studio print wallpaper! “The golden box” toilet! All lead to an exhalation of shoreditch happiness.

LukeJacob provides a comprehensive list of bespoke hair services and treatments for both pre-booked and walk-in clients. With specifically trained staff to prescribe/advise clients, passing trade and online customers. We will provide local residents, businesses, and transient clientele with a friendly, professional, image conscious, service orientated grooming experience. All wrapped warmly in Spitalfields affection.

Through our doors walk the finest people on earth; OUR CUSTOMERS!